Cheap 10s3p 30Q battery | sale

Hello, I’ll sell my 10s3p 30Q battery pack that I never used anyways. So it’s like new. I can ship inside whole EU! Some specifications to the battery: -Samsung 30Q cells -10s charge only bestech bms -99,97% nickel strips were used -fishpaper for the isolation -the positive terminals got fishpaper rings on them -xt90 female as the discharge connector Price: 189€

I forgot to make pictures from the inside, but I already tested it and everything seems to be perfect.

How much it cost to deliver in Ireland?

Ist der Akku noch zu haben? Wo kommst du her? In deinem Profil steht in Deutschland. Vielleicht muss man nicht mal was versenden, wenn ich den AKku abholen kann.

Grüße gehen raus

Still have this battery?

How much to deliver to US, Arizona specifically?