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Just found this on ebay and ordered a few sets.

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The description says metal or plastic. Which is it? Because that’s going to make a big difference whether or not they’re any good. Also, this is an auction. You said you ordered a few sets, how much did you pay?

Edit, I read further. $75, not bad. But they have 12mm bearings and will only fit mountainboard trucks.

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Thanks @paragon seems like a good deal! Aluminum and CF. One would need mountainboard trucks though. Maybe these are the wheels for my next A/T build! EDIT: @psychotiller already noted that they are for MB trucks :slight_smile:

The Ground Industries Terraintula wheels are aluminum with carbon fiber.
The Crosshair hubs are plastic.

Yeah, I’ll be using the new MBS ATS.12 truck ( $35 per truck doesn’t seem bad, and the holes for the braking system could be used for motor mounting.

Found more info on the wheels. About the Terraintula Hubs: About the Maks Tires: According to this and similar threads, they last much longer than MBS tires.