Cheap BMS 6S HX-6S-A06 any experiece here?

Hi everyone I’m about to complete my first build. For now I have a VESC on a torqueboard motor, powered from 2 6s lipos in series and ON/OFF capability provided by a vedder anti-spark switch.

Everything is running just fine, but since I got tired of unplugging everything and use a balance charger, I bought two of these 6S BMS here from aliexpress

anyone of you guys have any experience with those cheap things? any real experience with the reliability?

Just if anyone was going to ask: I was planning to use them only for charging of course and to mechanically disconnect the battery series during charging. Maybe with an anti-spark XT-90 connector.

ciao! Giuseppe

stupid question: why not use a 12s bms…?

Wrong purchase at first… then I thought: maybe the more the cheap electronic is the more reliable it will be.


Also I can’t find a cheap 12s bms

I appreciate the idea process, but when it comes to esk8, or any choice other than this (because I think this is workable) please dont go with the ‘cheaper, might work’ option. You risk your safety :frowning: