Cheap Boosted Board For Sale


I’m selling a boosted v1 board. Originally I was going to sell it for parts and sold the charger with the remote already.

Everything else is up for grabs. I would like to get $400 for the entire deck but I’m open to offers as well. I’m located in Vancouver Canadá and can ship it anywhere at the buyers expense.

The board has only about 350km on it although it’s been sitting for about a year. Still works just fine.

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I’m always SUPER suspicious when someone tries to sell a board without a remote or charger, regardless of the text. I always think “stolen”

I hope this is legit.


I know this guy. He’s good people buddy. I stole it and sold it to him. He didn’t mention the important parts were still on it earlier??? @Voinich Danielson we need to negotiate again.