Cheap/Broken Vesc in EU

Hi Builders, Is there someone who could sell me a cheap/used/broken Vesc in Europe because I would need one for my budget build :smile: Thank you for reading :blush: I live in Austria :smile:

Not the best idea to go cheap on the VESC. It’s one of the most important components.

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Just see if you can find a broken good quality vesc of the forum and send it to MartinSP he will check it fix it and your getting far more for your money as long as your not going for a Maytech unless he is willing to upgrade it for you as well :slight_smile:

Thank you for your sugestions so now I’m also searching for a broken Vesc in Europe :smile:

I have a broken vesc-x and i live in Norway. The drv8302 chip is broken and attempted replaced, but it didnt work

Did you try to replace it or someone else and how much do you want for it and how much would shipping cost? :smile:

I have a broken Maytech which belongs to someone else. I can ask them how much they’d want. I’m in the uk.

That would be great :smile: @bigben

That VESC X is great if i were you i would try to buy it, @Martinsp should be able to help out.

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I had a jeweler raplace it for me but he couldnt do it so now it is a vesc without a drv8302 chip. Im not sure if it works. I dont kneed much for it. ill send you a dm

Cheap deck, cheap wheels, cheap cells, cheap motor, but please don’t do cheap ESC

Unless you like eating street.

Ok thank you :smile: You may be interested. It is not available for order on the website yet because my DSLR broke so I cant take website worthy pictures but I can do it through forum if phone pictures are enough.

Thank you @Lumaci for the shoutout! :slight_smile:


Yeah that looks great how much do you want for it? :smile:

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With shipping (tracked) to Austria it is 80€


That would be ok for me :smile:

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Okay, lets take this over to the PMs for the personal info.

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hey i have 2 vescs you just need to change the DVR if you are interested you can text me

Hi all. I wold like use motor sk3-6374-192kv and two batteries in serie 5000mAh-5s-30c-lipo with this vesc . Do You mean that it is over engineered due to cheap vesc? Or have You any idea for vesc in eu? I saw lot of recommendations here but not so much is available in eu. Thanx a lot for Your opinion.