Cheap bumper strip skateboard protection

i found this on aliexpress to protect your deck or/and give some touch of color

available in some colors black, red and white


…but seems it also streaps the paint from the boards.

$6/foot metal lined bumper

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That stuff is thin, meaning the space in the clear is frikkin tiny. I bought 2 feet and it doesn’t fit any if the dozen or so decks I have…by a lot.

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Yeah it’s kinda only for pure CF decks, thickness wise. Don’t think about it when all you have is a cf deck :yum:


That is just a rebranded and more expensive Trim-Lok Edge Trim.

You lucky Americans can get it on Amazon per foot, pretty cheaply I believe.

There is an EU distributer but they sell only leftovers (if any) or bulk.

Best I could find for EU customers when I was looking:

or this eBay seller: