Cheap drivetrain help

I made my first diy eboard (single motor) but I cheaped out on the whole drive train (trucks,mount,pulley,belt) and it just sucks because it gets loose and the screws are really cheap so I had to use glue but it moves a lot, it’s just a big mess

LINKS: mount, pulley and belt) Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 50series 5065brushless Motor Mount Bracket 8044/80 Pulley Wheel Set Belt 3M 15MM(Snow Black, Pack of 1)

Trucks: VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks, 7inch 178mm, 50º Bases, Reverse Kingpin for Downhill, Pintail and Freeride (Set of 2)

I need help figuring out if this drivetrain I’m about to order is going to be good or just as cheap

Mount: Premium DIY Electric Skateboard Motor Mount (Caliber II Truck Compatible)

Pulley system: vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 83MM 90MM 97MM PU Wheel Pulleys Kit Set 36/18 Tooth Belt 15MM 5M (Snow Black, Pack of 1)

And trucks are just Caliber II trucks M1 drive

Nobody has got one to fail yet. Enough said


I’ve used this vanpro mount and clamp and it’s a pain in the ass. For caliber trucks you’ll need to file a flat spot inside the clamp. Whenever you get everything aligned, assuming you are aligning properly, screw the clamp down leaving marks. Take it all back off and drill into the truck like 1/16 of an inch using a 3/16" bit in all 3 spots. check for fitment one more time. Now get some 5 minute epoxy. The good shit. Scuff the spot where the clamp sits. Mix the epoxy and goop it on the clamp then put it on the hanger and set the screws into the holes you drilled. If you did everything correctly I assure you it will stay. And if you do the epoxy right it won’t look as bad as it sounds. Loctite your motor screws with blue loctite, same thing with drive wheel pulley, loctite those bolts to. Should be good to go. My PayPal is [email protected] my free advice is on special right now for $3995.95 :call_me_hand: P.s. fuck you if it doesn’t work or you don’t like my system :rofl: P.s.s. just kidding. Be safe

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I see, so should not get the clamp mount for the caliber trucks ?

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Definitely get the caliber compatible

Gone for a year, and still same as ever boardnamics has the best mounts impressive!

OP, If you want to save a buck get belts from Ali (maybe this way you can buy two lengths just incase) as for the mounts you know whats good for you :wink:

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not gonna save even one buck over vbelt guys hahaha

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