Cheap eBay 18650 10s2p

What do you guys think of this battery? Has anyone used one? Seems like a good deal for my first budget build.

Unless you can have it customised, this shape isn’t practical for esk8 builds but you shouldn’t go for a 10s2p at all anyways and especially with cheap chinese packs the sag will be so bad you’ll hate it. Save up and build your own or go for lipo if you’re short on cash


Thanks! I am leaning toward lipos. I just saw this and thought I would ask given the price.

Back when these were a lot cheaper I bought 2 of them to make a 10S4P battery. Worked great for what I needed at the time. Definitely not conducive for a streamlined single stack build.


What about these?

Something seems off about those. They list them as Samsung 30qs but mention 1300mah instead of the normal 3100mah. Also no included bms or xt90 to hich may be advantageous depending on use. I would pass though.

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Alright. I think I will just stick with 2x of these in series:


Definitely usable. What enclosure will you be using? Depending on mounting it may be better to go with several smaller packs to keep the slim profile. Also, what are the specs for your build?

I used 5x 2s lipos to make a 10s 5000mah pack. For the few rides I have on it, it works great

I went with the following components:

eboard-shop dual motor 5055 kit

eboard-shop dual ESC eBay BMS 10"x 33" short board

The wheel base clearance isn’t very long, not sure yet what to do about enclosure

10 miles range is enough for me. Kick tail with decent torque is more important to me than top speed and range.

I also intend to do DIY tensioner mod on the motor mounts

Last decision is the battery, which I think will be Lipos:

And enclosure. Enclosure will be difficult since it will need to be short.

I believe they’re listed as 13q cells if thats a thing.