Cheap Ebay-Banggood-... motor mounts "dangerous stuff"

Hi all, I made my 3th Esk8 and I’m riding it like 2 months. In my previous 2 builds I made myself some allu motor mounts with a cnc milling machine and never had problems with them. Now I thought let’s just try out the cheap banggood motor mounts because my cnc motor mount isn’t finished yet. They are cheap as fck but damn they are crappy, the mount is completely broken right now and bent. If you use a build and need a lot of power just don’t use these, I know a lot of people say they are crap but I haven’t seen a lot of pictures of broken mounts. Here are some pictures of mine after 2 months riding.

If the snap continued like the red line, the motor would just fall of and I would probably also fall. Right now I’m working on my next esk8 and I bought the hobbyking motor mount and the 125Kv motor and I should really recommend them! Very strong mount for only 10$, You can’t compare the quality with this mount.

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I got the HobbyKing mount too! Had to bore out a little for the circlip on the shaft but it’s really good mount. Very sturdy, thick and light.


Yay. Now I can’t wait to ride my board. @bartroosen12

I think this might be a one off. I’ve got one of these mounts on my small board and it seems pretty sturdy. Just make sure the use washers on the motor screws so it doesn’t chew up the mount

Well I’m using my second mount right now and same problem. A small crack on the same spot as the other, The small crack causes the mount to be able to bent easier so after a while the mount will be the same as my previous. I’m not abusing my esk8. I’ve also changed the screws to hold the mount on the trucks as you can see on the picture because the small set screws which came with the mount are crap and damage my trucks.