Cheap Ebay Charger Voltage?

Oh I have not realised this. I hope theres someone that can help

Do you think I should try another charger?

If your wiring was incorrect, it would smoke the bms as soon as you connected it and turned it on. And btw, are you turning the bms on to charge? If not, then that’s your problem. I new of another member who burned up his charger by trying to charge with a Bestech bms while it was off. Any Bestech bms with a built in E-switch MUST be turned on while charging.

If this scenario does not apply to you, then I would guess that you are just having bad luck with chargers

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I’ve done as thorough a visual inspection I can without desoldering the two boards from each other on the BMS, as far as I can see everything looks good.

BMS has been on while I’ve been charging, I’ve been plugging everything in, turning on the BMS and then turning on the charger.

I will try one more charger.

Thank you for advice on this, much appreciated.


so uhh, turns out I had the polarity on the charge port reversed… quite embarrassing.

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lucky u didnt pop bms like i did.

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Man that must really suck. I’ve already wasted so much money on chargers i’m really hoping my BMS is alright, if not this would be a very expensive mistake.

If you keep getting faulty chargers, I don’t blame you since the seller probably did something wrong. Anyway - I purchased my 10S charger som SuPower Battery/Batterysupports and they tolerated even charging when my friend charged his with his BMS wired in reverse. (It’s fixed now)

Anyway, they have a 2A and a 5A charger for about double the price of the ones you bought.



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Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely get one of those next time!

Are you looking for a charger? I am in the UK and I will sell one to you if needed

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I’ve already primed a new one to me. Should arrive tomorrow, thanks for the offer though :).

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Ok no problem. I wish you luck!

Just a heads-up: even though the Amazon link above is described as a “42V 2A PowerFast Charger”, it’s actually just a normal 2A 42V power brick. It has no CC/CV functionality which is needed when charging li-ion cells. I made this exact mistake a few months ago.