Cheap Ebay Charger Voltage?

I’ve just completed my first build using a bestech 10s BMS and everything is working well apart from the board won’t charge.

I checked all my connections and everything is correct apart from the voltage output from the charger.

I bought the charger from ebay (no longer listed), which was sold as a 42v 2A balance board/segway charger and that’s what it says on the charger itself but I measured it as 24v? Is this expected from a charger or did I get ripped off?


Do the electronics turn on? Whats the battery voltage?

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Electronics turn on, motors spin. Battery voltage is ~32v

Then you got ripped off, just tell eBay not as advertised / you did not receive it


Thanks for confirming that, very frustrating! I was hoping to go for my first ride today.

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One more thing, try charging with the bms on if it does not work try with it turned off

I did not try this new model so do not know…

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I have given it a go, there is no connection when it is turned off and I have been trying with on. Will have to see if I can source a charger locally today.

It is standard with Bestech bms that have a built in E-switch that the switch must be on when charging.

@TrainRider If your charger is not outputting 42v then it is defective or mislabeled.

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Okay, so I got a new charger, 42v 2A. Plugged everything in it charged for about 5 seconds then popped a capacitor… Tripled checked my wiring everything looks correct. I’m at a loss to know what do to.

Post a picture of your wiring.

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Sorry for the paint. Let me know if this isn’t clear:

Here is the wiring diagram I’m working from:

That wiring is so messy that it’s giving hard times to see what goes where. Can u post better pic from batteries? Those look kinda weird to me.

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I know that the batteries work and are wired correctly as they have the right voltage and I have had the motors spinning. I didn’t post the battery pack as the wires are the wrong colors and I didn’t want to cause confusion, black is positive and red negative but here it is anyway:

Balance leads are reading correctly between BMS negative terminal and the end of the balance lead. I have labelled on the first picture in which order they are wired and where the first and last leads are connected.

Where did you buy both chargers?

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First charger was from ebay, no longer listed. Second one was this one

Does the second one not work either?

Plugged it in, 5 seconds later it popped a capacitor.

Return it, thats not your fault

I’m 3 chargers in at this point, I have to be doing something wrong.