Cheap Focbox Repair an practice for me

Hey guys,

because vescs start to smoke, drvs just blow or focboxes are even broken when you buy them new I got into reflow work for some time now. Later I want to offer affordable repairs. I have repaired 2 focboxes untill now one of them working perfect the other one still makes problems but I will figure out. So there is the problem I need more and more practice in that field especially for vescs. Several parts like Resistors, Drvs and so on I have in stock.

So my question…

Are there people in the forum with broken vescs (not to heavy destroid like burned direct fets etc. ) who may want to send me to repair for cheap?

The only cost you have to pay is the shipping and the parts. I wont charge for the work at all. There is a chance the repair wont be succesfull in that case you just pay the shipping to my place (lam in Eu Germany) and I send it back free. Its about 10-15€ I need to charge for the parts depends on the condition of the vesc.

Thanks to everyone!

Here are some pictures of my work

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I won’t be surprised if I break my first focbox so I’ll keep you in mind :joy:


Thanks dude🔥


I’ll do as @moon bug and bookmark dis


How much ?

It’s free man, just pay parts and shipping


thanks guys. Its about 10€ for parts like I said it depends on the condition. :slight_smile:


Ive got this laying around maybe u can use it to practise? image


I wont get that working again its nearly impossible without information from enertion. But the parts are useable maybe.

If you want ill send it to you for science, if you are willing to pay shipping (I live in The Netherlands)


I got a dead Onan x3 Main unit i wish for repair if its possible. it died of condensation i think. The motors spin and i can ride with it, but it only goes up to lets say 10kmh and then acceleration stops and motors get pretty hot since then.Can you repair it, or just repair focbox?20190505_002747(0) …I would pay for repair

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Can you repair a FOCBOX micro USB port that broke off?

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I dont think but at least I can take a look. Greets

Should be easy fix :slight_smile:

PM incomming:sunglasses:

My drv chip burned out and most likely one key

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