Cheap hub motors for my kid build

Hi My little guy is 9 and I want something cheap and not powerful for start. Found this recently Anyone has any info about those? Thanks

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you saw @PredatorBoards GB?

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Sure and I’m interested but this is cheaper and with fee shipping.

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What I do know about Banggood from experience is that if you find out the item is sub par or misrepresented then if they entertain you at all they ask to send the item back to China which costs €60 for a little esc from Europe at least

I buy little things from them, no like no problem


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I’m aware of the risk but it’s really god price and I don’t want to invest much. I asked because maybe someone had this and can tell me that there’s a thing about it that disqualifies this set.

I was going to suggest arcboards… and then I saw the price on banggood. $120 for the hub motors and electronics … you can’t beat that price. I say go for it.

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I wouldn’t invest at all if I can’t afford for a good, quality build. :roll_eyes:

This is the same electronics setup you see on those china boards. It will probably work fine for your kids board.

It is essentially just this board with an extra motor

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Dude, you need to stop. Have you seen his projects? Believe me @LukePL can afford it! As he mentioned, it’s for his 9 year old boy!

PS: I mean, I wouldn’t skate at all if I can only skate on my butt : )


Thanks for “advice” but kids don’t need high power dual vesc setup. He’ll get nice integrated deck and Rouge trucks so should be more than happy.

I have a few here you could consider:

If @fraannk decides to sell it, it could potentially be a fun little board!

@TranxFu has this one which could be just a board for your son to test out, before he gets addicted to eskating and starts building boards himself : )

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Thanks bro! I don’t know where he saw that but he wants dual hub motors and nothing else. Winter is almost gone so I have to hurry. He’s obsession now is designing wheels in Fusion. I gave him a bearing and calliper and told him od he get measurments right I’ll print a set for him. My jaw is still on the flor after I saw how well he did it :wink: So now proud Dad needs to build a dream board :wink: For sure I don’t want it to be fast, not yet.

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Wait, you said he is 9? And he knows how to make wheels in Fusion? mmm whaaat!!? And it’s also his obsession? woww

Get both of the boards from Tran, take the 2 drive trains and make a dual diagonal hub drive (that’s more of a joke, but now that I’m thinking about it, it’s not that bad of an idea)!

@LukePL I would suggest aliexpress over banggood (even though they are owned by the same company as far as I know) purely because on aliexpress they have better return policy (in your favor). Judging by my personal experience, I have been delivered some items and if they are not as pictured or described you can get your money back and depending on the price even keep the item.

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Thanks. I saw those sets on eBay but I have to look for them on Ali. @BoostedBuilder those boards fom TranxFu looks nice! I’ll show him tomorrow;) Thanks

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And BTW, you are from Poland so the policy there might be similar to Slovakia, here above 22€ you have to pay 20% tax if you want to get the item from china (and other 3rd world countries) and above 150€ you have to pay some income fees too. So even though the hubs with esc cost 90 you may have to pay some fees to get it to your country, that might be a thing to keep in mind when trying to save money.

That’s the risk but small one. I have ordered motors from Banggood and no customs, nothing. I was afraid when I ordered Runcam3 because camera it’s easy target for customs and it was also ok. This set… well I can claim skateboard wheels with low value and it’s unlikely that they will know what it truly is.

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Hubs looks solid nice thane Kegels like. ESC was damaged during transport. Not sure what I can do about it now. Also I have no idea how to check what voltage it can take? Any Ideas any one? It’s a different ESC than on te picture! Can anyone tell me what is it?