Cheap Kegel Orangatang Pulley

Hello, a while ago a decided to experimenting with 3D printed Kegel wheel pulleys since I paid around 70 dollars for a metal pulley from APS. I honestly I had low expectations thinking it wouldn’t last more 100 meters. To my surprise it never broke, since then I have revised the design and made it as strong as possible. The latest version (MK2) has withstood over 200 brutal kilometers of mainly up hill and hard accelerations. My test setup ran a single 6355 with a VESC @ 10s and a 50amp current limit. The reason for this post is because I want to inform the community that there are good cheap pulleys available and because I want to find riders with crazier setups that can give these pulleys a proper beating to see if or how they break. Thanks

I ride with 3D printed kegel pulleys on my 10S4A board and they are fine. I printed them in Nylon

Where are you located?

I am located in Canada