Cheap longboard decks?

Where do you guys purchase your decks. I’m currently looking at they have a good selection for a good price.

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I got a couple decks from Amazon and funbox. el-cheapo blanks.

surprisingly nicely made, if boring w/ just a clear coat on them. I did the amazon one already and plan to add some CF to reinforce and add some bling.


Ebay… Yep, pretty cheap and decent quality

Skateshred is a great place to get quality inexpensive boards. They’re pretty close to me, too.

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I’m riding a Funbox deck right now. Funbox trucks too. The deck is of good quality for the price. The trucks are excellent.

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jet makes some pretty nice stuff

I love mine from

You can check out my post here for a little more info:


This is very good to know, I’m pretty sure they do 7 ply’s correct me if I’m wrong. And that’s on a 43". Yikes. Was gonna do 8 ply’s 46" at 225lbs but now I’m rethinking. I also have the option to have it reinforced with fiberglass/carbon fiber. Struggles of a fatter dude.

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Your local craigslist definitely has a few.

Does anyone have any idea about where I could get a cheap deck similar the the Landyachtz Top Speed 34. I love that size of deck and I’d really like something that has a lot of space for the wheels so I could eventually move to a 100mm mbs wheel or something similar. I’d go for an authentic Top Speed but I can’t find any good deals in Canada?


or Funbox longboards

not sure if 100mm would fit on the top speed … i’d think you’d need more of a cutout deck like vanguard, or switch/switchblade/evo shapes. Unless you run some big ass risers - not my favorite thing to do. As little risers as possible and as low to the ground as possible. But i also like big ass wheels… my favorite is still 97 flywheels w/ GBomb drop deck and subsonic platform. Unbelievably stable and comfy at stupid speeds (for me).

closest i could find that looks similar to top speed is the v2 Brick on funbox.

Thanks so much for the reply. The v2 Brick looks very similar to something that I want but it’s just a bit too long. I think the ideal size for me would be 32-34. Also that’s good to know about the wheels being too big, I’d like to avoid using big spacers if possible.