Cheap Milling service! Plastics, aluminum, wood etc

Hello, I want to offer some CNC milling services to the esk8 community! For my own build I milled all the plastic for my casing, the aluminum for the motor mounts so check out my build for those examples. I currently have a bunch of 10 inch by 12 inch pieces of 1/8 inch thick 6061 aluminum, and some 1/4 inch scraps I could use. I also have wood that’s great for prototyping ideas as well as parts. So sent me a message if you want me to mill anything and we can discuss cost. Attached are pictures of the aluminum blanks and what I have been milling them into! (Brackets for Gpu mining rig cases).

  • will have a fast turn around but have to work around my full time summer job
  • just need 2d or 3d models of what needs to be milled
  • you can send me the metal or plastics or other materials and I can mill what you need! Or I can purchase and include into the costs.


Please tell me you’re from Europe :grin:

@TranxFu Unfortunately no! I’m located in the US


Where are you located in the US? (maybe also update your profile!)

Great option!

@sl33py I’m located in Ohio, near Cleveland, I’ll update my profile tonight!

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Can you mill a deck?

@willpark16 I am currently limited to 16x16 dimensions. I could possibly insert one side in at a time but I’ve never done a deck before

Well if you think it’s doable let me know!

@willpark16 do you have the deck already or dimensions of what you are planning? I would be willing to test something out

I’d be making it a bit longer tho to accommodate a 10s4p

@willpark16 I think it would be doable and am willing to try it out! I would like to do a few tests as soon as you have a cad drawing of it to make sure I can get it lined up perfectly. So it just used regular plywood? Also, I don’t have ball nosed endmills though so the bottom cover wouldn’t have tapered edges. That could be achieved with sanding though.

Are you able to do wheel pulleys?

I’m about to mill some out of solid pvc for Abec 11’s within the week. So yes, but my endmills are only able to make it wide enough for 9mm belts.

Sweet and that’s fine I’ll get to work on em