Cheap Motor Mounts and Pulleys?

I am looking for a new motor mount and pulleys, has any one used these?:

I need it to be cheap.

They are fragile, if you buy this you will end up buying a nicer one later save some money by buying the nice ones now.

How would it break? its stainless steel?

They are really thin, it won’t snap but it will bend.

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I have a similiar cheap motor mount on a build for my son, I’ve ridden on it (280lb) and it has not bent or warped, I had to do some modifications to fit an sk3-6354 motor. I also drilled into the truck to have the set crews sit in the truck rather that on it.

Awesome, what motor are you using on it? Will it work with 30mm mouting holes?

The motor is a Turnigy sk3-6354 260 kv motor.