Cheap Power supply from alienexpress, experience?

Hey, EDIT I realized it only has an input power of 30v.

Does any anybody has experience with a cheap power supply from alienexpress. It only cost 5$ with 150 watt Link

I want to use that. To charge a lipo over a bms. What is important/ what do I have to care about? To charge lipo with that poser supply

You need a Constant current constant voltage power supply like a DROK. There is already a thread on this.

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I have one like that from ebay also around 5$ and it’s working pretty good. I’m charging a 6S2P 10Ah Lipo pack with a bms. the Constant current module is set on 5A and 25,2V. I have this one: you need to power the module with a power supply, doesn’t matter which voltage (I’m using a 12V 200W pc power supply)