Cheap price and excellent quality truck. CNC

There are special-shaped PU, inverted triangle. The bearing is a needle roller shaft. Tolerance is 0.01mm.


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What is the name of the truck?

What diameter is the axle?

What alloy is the hanger?

What alloy is the axle?

How long is the axle?

How long is the hanger?

Where can replacement bushings be obtained?

Does anyone sell a motor mount for this hanger? Round hangers are very bad for mounting motors to.

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The name is land snail , before truck. it is 8mm. the hanger is 263mm and Aluminum alloy. the axle is 31.5mm. and made of SUS 420, stainless steel. If you want buy this, you can buy it in here, mine. I don’t know others, i just know us, we sell it. So we take is an inverted triangle.


May i have the draw of the truck?Thank you!

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yes, i give you.

of course



It does look like a nice hanger, maybe you will consider making a normal baseplate?

Historically those spring base plates haven’t been that popular… It probably mostly due to a lack of people using them & offering detail reviews.


making a normal baseplate? what’s kind? do you have picture ?

Are you using a forging process to manufacture this hanger?

no, i am not.
Our truck frame is processed by CNC, die-casting, and then heat-treated. There are special-shaped PU, inverted triangle.

How about your spring base plate, will you offer different load rated springs? At what weight does the spring bottom out on the rubber stopper?

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sorry, we don’t make it. only this. There is no problem of turning to the empty position. and special-shaped PU, inverted triangle, Solve the problem of PU rollover. by the way, you want this type truck?

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Raked Truck an option?

Alot of riders like a little bit of Rake bonus if flippable