Cheap shopping list to build an electric skateboard - Do you have a list?

This is a “slap it together” list…if you’re on a tight budget and want to get it done quick, this list may help…

At one point or another I have used each one of these…except the charger and soldering iron but these should work ok

This isn’t the end all be all cheap parts list and I’m not taking into account quality on some parts of this list…so don’t jump all over me lol

Moose 9 X 43 longboard $29.95 free shipping

9x43 grip tape $13.99 free shipping

Caliber Trucks Raw $44.99 free shipping

Riser pad 1/4 - 1/2 $4.99 free shipping

Motor mount Enertion $49.09 and belt and pulleys $36.60 =$85.69 plus shipping $30.17

Controller tx/rx $42.50 free shipping

83mm Green Wheels includes bearings and spacers $22.99 free shipping

ESC - GoolRC 80a 6s $41.09 free shipping

Turnigy 6s lipo $63.22 free shipping

xt60 X 10 $8.99 free shipping

10x 4mm bullet connectors $5.59 free shipping

6s lipo charger $28.49 free shipping

Assorted Shrink tubing $5.77 free shipping

Soldering Iron kit $13.99 free shipping

Motor 50/65 270kv $43.99 free shipping

If my math is correct that’s $486.40

Blood, Sweat & Tears …that’s all you

EDIT: add 6s Lipo Alarm $1.26 free shipping


Good work m8, i think this is a good way between cheap and crap


I reality all you would need to do to turn this into a beast is switch out the motor, esc and up the voltage … The rest can stay

well i dont know if it is a good idea having a fast beast on a 30 bucks deck…

3Ah 6S LiPo battery for 63$ is shit… Just get batteries from HobbyKing. I did not found a lower price anywhere else! Maybe someone found a better place to buy LiPos?

It’s actually a 5000mah it’s strange how it comes up

If I were trying to create a “beast” any suggestions on motor And ESC. Wouldn’t want to spend over 200 on both.

Vesc and any of the Turnigy Sk with 190 -260kv will change the game

Edit: but stock is limited for these…I see you asked in another thread about motors… @chaka has motors available soon that are 170kv and 200kv respectively

Also you will need to up the voltage …

You can go 10s or 12s

Two 5s lipos for 10s


Four 3s lipos or Three 4s lipos or two 6s lipos for 12s

@Michaelinvegas This may not be the place for this but what do you think of this build setup:

Deck: 36" blank bamboo drop through Truck: caliber 2 Wheels: kegel 80mm Motor mount: DIY caliber mount Gears: DIY kegel kit (16/36T ratio) ESC: DIY VESC Transmitter: nyko nunchuck plugged into vesc Battery: not sure need help Charger : also need help Motor: either the sk3 or ollinboards (thinking 245 or 200 kV)

Would you recommend I wait for a backordered sk3 or is the ollinboards a good option?

I’d run Ollinboards no less tha 8s cause the kv is 200

Hobby King is always on back order lol

Make sure u play with this calculator to see the effect of kv on top speed …

Okay. If suggested voltage is 36. What is the max s count i can run?

10s is what he recommends

Any suggestions on what battery i should use to get there?

Depends on ur budget

Most use lipos = 2x 5s packs

Others 18650 DIY

Or purchase a space cell or tb’s battery solution

I was thinking lipos but my battery knowledge is not extensive. What kind of c rating and maph should look for. And should I get multiple lower s batteries and wire them together?

25c I would say minimum… Hooking it up is easy mate …

Typical 5000mah is avg…

where is the controller