Cheap Vac Formed 1/8th inch ABS Enclosures! $30 Each + $7 Shipping Anywhere in US

Hey guys, I bought 24 sheets of ABS a few months ago. My local plastic supplier only cuts orders to size if I order a minimum amount and I can’t fit 4’x8’ sheets in my car. I wanna get rid of this extra plastic I have laying around ASAP so I lowered my prices. Get 'em before they are gone!

PayPal: [email protected]

I have 6 different molds for enclosures:

  • 1.5"x5.5"x19" for concave decks (Fits 12s5p & 2 ESCs)
  • 1.5"x5.5"x19" for flat decks (Fits 12s5p & 2 ESCs)
  • 1.5"x5.5"x19" for Landyachtz 38 Switchblade (Fits 12s5p & 2 ESCs)
  • Low Profile 1"x5.5"x19" for flat decks (Fits 12s3p & 2 ESCs)
  • Mini 1.5"x5.5"x10" for flat decks

IMG_0014 IMG_2932 IMG_2934 IMG_2938 IMG_2935 IMG_2939 IMG_1231


Shipping to Europe? :slight_smile:

Give me your country and I will let you know how much to ship there.

Damn, wish I had the money, these are hella nice

Do you have a pic of the mini?

Do you have a pic of the switchblade enclosure?

scroll though those images and there are some good ones of the enclosure.

The arrow is by the pictures. Kinda hard to see but I have like 6 pictures total there if you hit the arrow to scroll through.

If you want more pics I can send some of my board later. Just let me know. They look great!

I only have the mold for the mini, no pictures at the moment but I can make one this weekend so I can post pics of it.

Will look almost exactly like the pics I posted just 9" shorter.

Forsure. I gotta go measure my board. Making a beach cruiser. Small pack

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Shipping on the smaller enclosure is only $5.

Do you do custom sizes?

Yeah, but I have to charge more because making a mold is a lot of work. What are you looking for? I’ll give you a quick quote.

Nice simple enclosures, do you have a thread on how you made your vacuum former? I am looking to make one this summer

i will pm u. very specific size.

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I actually use an industrial one.

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Oh nice haha that’s cool too

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UPDATE: I am nearly done with everyone’s enclosure who has already paid. They are on track to ship out on Monday.

I will do just ONE MORE round of enclosures, but after that I will be far too busy with school to keep this up. Message me before next week Sunday (Feb 17th) if you want to get in on the last round of enclosures.

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Amyway to mod the 38” to fit a 40” switchblade?