Cheaper AT wheel setup options?

Hey everyone, So I am the middle of researching getting my own AT board. I think I’ll go with a FOCBOX Unity, and have already lined up buying a 12S5P battery, enclosure and landy evo.

I am having trouble finding which drivetrain & wheels to go with. I didn’t expect options like trampa to cost more than all of the components I have combined, so i was wondering what other options I have. I have explored:

  • Trampa super stars + thier dual motors (Something like £1000)
  • MBS stuff + dual motors (Also close to £1000)
  • Sixshooters + Surfrods, which was £600 without any motors or drivetrain looked into at all

I am actually really happy with these, and use them with my current diyeboard landy setup. I know the trucks and motors which come with this set are crappy, so I was wondering where I can get trucks and motor mounts/motors that fit these wheels, if anyone knows. I have seen people use these wheels here in the past, but can’t find the threads now.

Ideally, I don’t want to spend so much on just the wheels and trucks / drivetrain. Please give me recommendations on what to do

Regards, Ben

With that sort of cost you could consider @Kug3lis gear drive

No import fees and duties on that.

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Maybe take a look at this

I have been talking to him on email and he is making loads of custom stuff - he is living Taiwan atm so it would mean overseas shipping. But he does supply drawings of the Wheel pulley so you can make your own

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You can get torque board trucks + motor + mounts with trampa super star tires with board bumper conversion kit save you some money…

@marcmt88 /Janux. He has hubs and wheel package on his site.


On surf rodz excluding kingpin bolt and axles - which you can use an M8 shoulder bolt. Costs £122

Im in the UK so import fees = nope

if ur not 100% committed to this build yet i would consider Kug3lis or Jens drive system, especially for tht kind of cash. as for the motors APS is the way to go when ur not in the states (IMO)

i would skip out on the airless tires as there is numerous post here about the centrifugal force while riding causing those tires to separate from the rim

No 3d printer :frowning:

The brutus setup looks like a possibility. 880$ and it should come with all the wheels and trucks too, this is more what i was looking for for sure. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll seriously consider this!

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This and 3dhubs for printing or get help from someone here. That’s got to be the least expensive option available at the moment.


can you explain more about that kit, I have all the other tb components

Ill ask him about the import fees though*

The Trampa hubs and bearings are too big for standard trucks. board bumper sells a spacer that will allow them to run on standard trucks

TB218 + four 6x2 tires + two vex robotics versa pulley + two 3Dprinted adapter going to cost you ~ $100. Including shipping Setup would be something like this

IMG_20180929_015052 IMG_20180929_022016 IMG_20180929_021245


Hey @moon I’ve been doing some kingpin research, my calipers say the smooth part of the bolt needs to be 9.2mm diameter for a smooth slop-free fitment, yet the axle bolts on AliExpress have the smooth part at 10mm which of course is what is wanted for the axles.

Can anyone confirm aftermarket bolt fitment? Grade 8 I know

Also length recommendations with riptide bushings?

I’m not sure @mmaner might know

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I don’t even have a set of caliber trucks anymore to check. Sorry.

Alrighty, thanks, maybe edit post #6 above to avoid any future :sob:

10mm smooth part of the bolt will not slide through the kingpin hole in the baseplate, on a good days the max there is 9.5mm at the very most, but suspect 9.2mm.

So far I am stuck with going back to sickboards for genuine kingpin bolts.

I appreciate the info. on the aftermarket bolts, they should work and are super cheaper

@mmaner thanks we are talking about SR parts, fark it I’ll head off here again