Cheapest 10s/12s dual ESC

Hello, is there any (cheaper then Focbox Unity) option of ESC that can be set via USB interface, can handle at least 40A from battery and support 36/43,2v nominal voltages? I only found ESCs from budget boards like wowgo and then expensive ESCs like Unity or Trampa VESC.

Best would be at least 10s compatibility, dual unit, 30-50A from battery compatibility and price around 100 EUR

Do you need dual drive like the Unity? You’re not going to find any VESC based ESC below 100EUR that does dual. You’ll get close with the Flipsky sale on their 4.20, but I’d buy two of these instead:


Thanks for the link, I might also consider the MAKERX DUAL DRIVE V4 which is for 120USD shipped and VESC based… Anyone with the experience with this particular ESC?

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Almost all of those makerx vescs are untested, but I believe @M.Hboards is actually receiving a pair to test.

the cheapest possible ‘ok’ vesc would probably be

But even then, I would probably just go non vesc and hope to get something quality


Yes I have recived a maker x dual v4 vesc which I will be testing out in the very near future! I’m just waiting on pulleys to complete the board that it will be running!

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“cheapest” == “shittiest”

I’m not sure why you would want that.

But if that’s your goal then I would buy a prebuilt Meepo board, because it’s the best crappy stuff on the market. Also es​k​8.​ne​ws is the new forum, this is the old one.

DIY is not done because it’s cheaper. It’s not cheaper. It’s better.

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I wouldn’t even call Meepo products crappy, theyre equal with boosted in my eyes which makes them incredibly mediocre but without the unborn child pricetag.

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