Cheapest large wheels (Or help on what to do with clearance)

Hey, I am putting together a Landyachtz evo kit with DIYeBoard parts (I kind of wish I’d found some other parts after browsing here more, not sure how nice the kit will be). Its AT, but I’ll also have a conversion kit to street, but the landy is very low to the ground. The casing on diyeboard’s website specs at 60mm which is very high. The clearance under my evo that I could measure now with no risers and 80mm wheels is about 65mm. With the airless tires the clearance will be fine, but if I want to use normal wheels I suspect they will been to be 107 or 110mm, but the price of these wheels goes from 35$ for 97mm to 90$ for 107mm. Is there a cheaper source? I’m looking at MBS and abec flywheels, because I need to be able to fit the diyeboard wheel pully in the slots. Alternatively, is there something else I can do for some clearance? I have seen eboosted’s landy enclosures but the battery from diyeboard will be too tall for it. Are there any other things I can do except just risers?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Where do you see this price? Quality 107mm polyurethane wheels will be $110 at a minimum

The evo is a great deck and has worked very well with single stack batteries. The longer you stay in this hobby (for some people) or method of transportation (for others) the more you may realise that if you make compromises you will only end up buying something that is right the 2nd time. Get a great enclosure from @Eboosted or me and fill it full of batteries and ride off into the sunset on 97mm minimum abecs.


I dont have a spot welder, do you know the best source of high quality cells or a good lipo setup I can get from the UK?

Most people use Nkon for cells but some people have used Frogstar lately with good results. Lipos from Hobbyking and BMSs from Bestech.

hi, if you getting the kit with the 10s5p enc, I really don’t think that will fit evo well at all!

I really agree, either get a single stack 18650 pack or I can highly recommend lipo packs. They are really cheap, easy to assemble and provide plenty of punch. The only thing they lack is mah but you can just add more packs in parallel.

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Does NKON Package/weld together cells for me? If not, are you able to if I buy an enclosure from you and also buy and send sanyo or other cells to you for a fee, because obviously the pack would need to be low profile and the non-welded solutions tend to be quite a bit thicker.