Cheapest way to increase speed on my board with Direct Drive?

please help me with my custom Frankenstein build. I have a Meepo v1. works great but the feel is terrible due to those hub motors back wheels. so i got a Direct Drive from Bound Motor. real wheels feel great BUT i am only getting max speed of 7mph. the Meepo ESC does not like the DD motors? or maybe because i am running DD without sensor wires?

anyway, how can i take speed up to 16mph? i dont need anything fancy to run crazy 40mph. 16mph is my limit.

@tung Upgrade the esc and battery

which ESC do you recommend? and can i use the same Meepo remote or is that something i have to buy to work with the new ESC?

Yes by upgrading to a different esc requires a new remote indeed

What kind of battery do you use a meepo 10s2p? U might want to go bigger on the battery too

I can recommend flipsky

i am reading more on ESC now. this is the one to get? how about receiver? i hope i can at least keep the old meepo remote lol. this hobby is getting expensive. i cant find any specs for the meepo v1 so i dont know what battery it uses.

Take a look on this website You could combine 2 of them together or somthing different depends on what you wana achieve with your build you wont be able to use the meepo remote with different esc to my knowledge

i cant believe $160 is the cheapest dual vesc money can buy. as i dont need to go crazy fast, i was really hoping for something in the $90 range for 15mph speed, not 30+ mph



buy 2x 4.12 vesc’s on aliexperss for $90 when they go on sale

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anyone tried these?

i like how it is just plug and play, includes a remote too! no need to mess around with programming.

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from the product description, it should work.

However, Mboards is a fairly sketchy supplier and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work. (Sent you wrong programmed esc, or copy + paste wrong description)

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