Cheapest way to upgrade to Direct Drive?

i already have a Meepo hub drive skateboard v1. what is the cheapest way to get my board to Direct Drive? i dont need anything fancy that can do 40mph like those Carvon or Torque. i just need something that can do about 15mph. hopefully i can use the same Meepo battery, esc, and remote…

Ditch the idea. Not a good idea. Get better stuff like Vesc, and normal motor


look at “carvlab”

looks like Lofty is the cheapest i could find for $470: get the kit, get compatible wheels, throw away my Meepo back and front trucks, then install this Lofty kit into my Meepo and it should work right?

i see Mboard is selling the exact same kit for a little bit more…

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i dont think it will work for my Meepo 1. the website states it’s for Meepo NLS model

elofty direct drives works on meepo ESC’s @BillGordon has done it before


my v1 meepo was my first board…havent ridden it in a year since i went DIY, but the 1st gen battery and esc are crap compared to where meepo is at now a days… with that said sure you could possible piece some cheap bits together but the performance probably wouldnt be any better than it currently is…

why cant it do 15mph?? mine hit low 20s…

15mph is my personal limitation, not the board. lol