Check my chosen parts please

Hello! I am now building my first electric longboard for cruising on the streets. I have done a lot of research but could use some help by the professionals. My goal is to have an electric longboard with extremely good specs and to make the ultimate board. I want my board to go very fast, have good torque and a long range. I have gathered som parts from different stores online and my main question to you is if the following parts will work together?


BMS: ??? (please come with suggestions)





Motor: 4x of:

Pulleys: ??? (please come with suggestions)

ESC: ??? (please come with suggestions, I would like one with regenerative brakes)

Belts: ??? (please come with suggestions)

Remote Controller: ??? (please come with suggestions)

When Giving me advice on other parts please find compatible ones and ones with very good specs. Here are some other questions that I would appreciate if you could answer. Will all the given components be compatible with each other? Am I missing something? Is something unnecessary? Do you have any other alternatives? Are any of the mentioned products of bad quality? Is there any chance that any parts will break with the chosen combination? What determines if you have BLDC or FOC? The motor? The ESC? The remote?

Thank you for taking your time! Sincerely, Eric.

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You should do a little bit more reading

Don’t get your battery from Alibaba


Pulleys will be hard to attach to shark wheels but I think I’ve seen it done once somewhere

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I’m also a beginner, don’t know a whole lot but enertion has a nice sale on their vesc and remote controller rn. I just bought both of them a couple of days ago. And their vesc is the best in the business from what I’ve heard. (they’re both on the front page)

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And I believe the ESC will determine if you have BLDC or FOC. The motor itself just does its thing and goes when its powered, it is up to the ESC to dictate its speed and stuff.

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If you want to make an “ultimate board” you will look at some other boards that are insanely good and use similar parts.

Ps that battery is no good. Get one from a reputable seller on here

Edit: I see you only have 40mins of read time so I would strongly advise you to read a lot more, usually around 1 day of read time is an ok time to start looking at parts. Plus decide on your own parts then ask if they are ok, don’t make others find parts for you.

Sorry if I sounded harsh but this is how new members should act, not just tell me, gimme, fix it for me

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Hello I’m new 2. But I think you have made a mistake just like me to much comsumption of info at 1 time. 1st of All great choice far as the board I was considering that 1 to. You say u want 2 build a beast that means bigger wheels. I suggest 100mm,107mm,110mm or 125mm wheels. Also you truck I was considering those trucks 2 but I think they r 2 short or u will have 2 build a diangnal 1 motor in the back & 1 in front on opposite side. I haven’t seen 1 eskate build with those square wheels. Also the 1 person had those trucks & he had 2 modify them by Changin the hanger. So it’s a reason u can’t find on esk8


Highly recommend more reading. If time is spent reading most of your questions will get answered.


I really didnt even start looking for parts until a month in the forum. Lots of these questions are answered all ready in various builds and posts. I think using 70mm wheels is a bit small. Maybe some 90mm abec clones if ur being thrifty. Youd e surprised by the plethora of information hidden in tha forum…

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Ok, thank you.

Ok, thank you. I will reconsider some of my choices.

Ok, I understand you. Though I have made a lot of research on other sites too.

May I also ask how some of you could change the title? Why did you do so?

What did it used to be? I’d say someone changed it to try and make it easier to understand what you need.

I changed it - it was “the ultimate board” in the build section which was misleading. It was not a build log but you looking for advice on parts (which we have a thousand threads on already) for a pretty standard build.

Fyi: Any “regular” level user can change titles