Check out my cnc deck

Iv been going through prototypes to try to get this perfect, I’m planing on making metle box that goes up inside of the cutout


Looks awesome!


What material will you be making the deck out of on the final one? Looks good!

That looks cool as hell, I like the wire channels too. Is that MDF? If so, that’s not the one you are going to ride is it?

Probably Spanish ceter I’m not sure if it’s going to me an inch thick or 3/4, but I’m definitely going to throw some satin on it @mmaner

I looked pretty close, that looks like MDF board to me, especially around the recessed edges. Great design, I just hope no one actually rides it until its cut out in maples or at least bamboo.

Ya that’s not the wood I’m using (its mdf), I’ve had to cut out like 8 of theses so far just to get it right

The design is awesome, hell I’d buy one. Just know that MDF will weekend pretty quick when flexed, or in humidity…like within mnutes.

Any updates on this deck buddy?

What kind of Cnc do you have ?

I was using the one at my dads cabnet shop its a pritty big (I took all the shop pix/videos)

That’s some really nice stuff

Didn’t have any pics with me so I took some screenshots of a video of it

I still got to re wire the motor and epoxy the wires in and I blew my vesc so I’m gonna get the vesc X and get my broken ones fixed later also wire my bms


Nice do you plan on releasing the files at any point :smiley:

Looks like a LHB board

Is it stiff enough? From the first pictures it looked like there is not a lot of wood left because of the big opening for the enclosure…

Have you somehow ‘‘stiffened’’ it otherwise? The enclosure itself looks like is made from aluminium… I wonder does it help with the flex / structure of the board too

it was programmed in alpha cam, i didn’t program it but you probably get the file for you if you could work with that its cut with woodwap so i could also send you that one if you want i could also make you a deck if your intrested

its 1’’ thick and cut from hard wood so its pretty strong

How much do you weight?

I probably need some expert on this :slight_smile: Im also considering cutting a hole into the deck… im just a bit afraid it will mess up the rigidity / strongess of the deck and that it might break at some point…

I think @mmaner mentioned that one of his deck’s broke because he had too many screw holes and he hit a curb / edge quite hard that it damaged the board completely…

So leaving only two narrow lines of wood at each side looks a bit sketchy… non the less… perhaps it is less of a issue for a hard/strong wood… would probably need to look up some charts or something similar to decide how much wood is needed for the needed weight capacity.

Your in the states i presume so i think the shipping wont be worth it :slight_smile:

It was 9 ply Canadian Maple, I put 10 barel nuts through it to mount the enclosure. After a couple of weeks I got over confident and tried to pop a curb, slipped, came down hard, split the deck down both sides. Very tragic for me :yum: