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Check Out Our Online Store For Electric Skateboards & Gears

Hey guys, we just launched our online store for all your skateboarding needs including electric skateboards. We have a great selection of electric skateboards and gears available that can be shipped across U.S, and can be sent locally as well. You could also find great deals and discounts to most products. Feel free to give us a visit anytime soon or you may also send us user reviews. So what do you think of our store? Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Or if you have wish-list of items to be added on our store, please drop it in a comment below and we’ll try to include it as soon as we can!

Thanks a lot & have a great day!

First of all, seeing that this is a diy community, I don’t think your store will get much love here. You have almost no selection of diy parts or kits.

Its mostly electric junk. The best board you have is a boosted, which is a board many on here agree is not a high standard electric skateboard.

Then, you have a set of an FVT 120a esc with a generic motor. You claim the value is almost $600, but I’ll give you deal of $158. First off, the motor based on the specs and the generic-ness, does not seem to be very expensive. And the FVT 120a esc can be bought for $65. So $90 for that motor seems like a rip off to me. Either way, weather its worth $150 of not, there’s no reason to put a price tag of basically $600 crossed out next to it, that’s just a shady business practice.

Overall, the ones who will succeed most on this forum are those actually focusing on servicing the needs of the electric skateboard community. I can tell you that you have nothing of any value to me, and I know many others who are actually building their own stuff will agree.

the standard belt you sell is a 225mm hdt3 belt, which wouldnt work on any board made on this site.

Hello @XkatersStore and welcome to the DIY eskate community.
Here’s a wishlist of parts I’d like you to add to your store:

  • Alloy HTD5 wheel pulleys in 9mm, 12mm and 15mm widths, 30-50t range
  • Steel HTD5 motor pulleys, same widths, 8mm bore withe keyway and set screw, 12-18t range
  • HTD5 belts
  • Motor mounts
  • Battery and esc enclosures
  • VESC
  • Nyko Kama nunchuck
  • GT2B controller
  • ABEC11 Flywheels
  • Orangatan Kegels
  • Paris 190 trucks
  • Caliber 180 trucks

to specify 265mm hdt5 belts.

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