Check out the NEW Hendo Hoverboard

Check this out Hendo released their original ugly looking board to the public a while ago, but this is newly released with a pretty hefty price tag.


Just stand on a sheet of ice that sitting on a wet sheet of ice…same feeling

Better yet…Who’s gonna do the 8 wheeler electric longboard

Thats pretty dope. got a link to that kit? youd prob have to make it front wheel drive right??

thats a 6 wheeler . and its made in china . a variant of the Stair Rover .

suppose to be 8 wheeler only good for down staicase .

heres another video .

just checked their website , its now called “ALLROVER” .

When I was checking the wheelbite for my build. 3 wheel drive :sunglasses:

3 wheel drive and an EIGHTH WONDER EBOARD :smiley:

The easiest way to do it (that i can think of ) is to make it front wheel drive lol. Putting motors on that assembly would be difficult unless theyre hub motors

AWD Eight wheel drive ALL hub motors…

Would be sick :metal:t2: probably be best suited for off road … Maybe @onloop could make it happen lol Like the new Mad Max … But on a longboard :smiling_imp:

I was just thinking about using 4 of these sets with Carvon V4’s. Wow, if the Evo 4WD can do 45+, this setup could probably do like 80+???

They don’t even list the maximum wheel size or anything. This is unusable unless someone bought one and measured it.

It is good to see this. But can we get this hendo hoverboard on online store?