Check out these small bestech with an e switch

I found these 2 just by looking thru their site since im planning to order some bmss soon, I chose these two because they have an e switch, did anyone use these and bypassed them? I’m interested if their e switch would fail from bigger batteries like ours, as the 80A model is just too big for my liking. Im looking for a on off solution for my future build that is not a antispark switch. Did anyone use this model?

Wow so tiny!! I love it!

If your going to use them for charge only the e-switch will not work for you. it cuts power to the battery via the negative link out which won’t be there in charge only.

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like @mmaner pointed out, if you bypass them - well you bypass the switch too and you won´t have the board off.

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@mmaner @TarzanHBK thank i guess this is a dead end now, i will stick to the D596

It´s always good to think about other oportunities, maybe we´ll find a use in it somehow :slight_smile:

What i like and would like to try is this:

A simple balancerboard, where you should be able to charge your battery without a bms if you monitor it right. @PXSS your thoughts on this?

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I just googled “charging batteries with a balance board” maybe this is an option as well

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Shucks… Was hopeful for a while…

that balance board could be an option possibly but i will need to read more on how they work