Chiboards Street | Dual sk3 6374 | 12s5p Samsung 30Q Flexible | ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels 75a | diyelectricskateboard mounts

I love these builds, the Trampa Street Carver on dual 6374s and 12S4P is my favorite board.

Can you please take closer pictures of your enclosure? Is that the Trampa enclosure?

Any pictures of the inside of the enclosure to see the battery layout and Focboxes?

It was a vedder switch from @goldenHusky

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It was a 12s5p but I sold the pack and the enclosure :slight_smile: I’m gonna go a different route with this build. I’m now going to use a 12s4p pack


Gah damn bro, that charging port is sick! Must have been a bitch to drill that hole eh?

And that seems to be holding up well?

Thanks! Yea it took a full day to do the charging port, LCD and switch in the front. But I am super pleased with the result.

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I haven’t even rode it yet it’s been an I’m going project for like 6 months ahah no time

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thank u for the 665wh 15ah pack lol… just got my direct drive kit from etoxx… time to equip everything. thinking bout putting my vesc6’s above the trucks in a box since there is little room… the thread inserts do wonders for taking the enclosure on n off. god bless this forum


If I’m not wrong this is the Supower 12s charger’s plug, innit? :wink: I’m about to buy one too, and couldn’t find anywhere online the diameter of its plug - would you be so king as to share it and also tell me whether the socket was included with the purchased charger, please? :slight_smile:

It should be a 2.1mm D.C. Jack

Isn’t it a one like this here?

Cause this plug looks more like 21mm, not not 2.1mm :wink:

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Ah there we go.

The port comes with the charger actually. But it’s called an XLR port

Do you need the dimensions? I’ll try to get them tonight, I am currently working

Dimensions are exactly what I’m after :slight_smile: I’d like to buy a socket with a screw-on cap like the one below, and wouldn’t like to wait until the charger arrives from China only in order to measure the plug to buy a corresponding socket on Aliexpress and wait yet another month for it or more :wink:

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Nice build! How do you waterproof the enclosure when there is all thoes slots down the side to make it flex?

I use a .5mm-1mm thick silicone sheet under the enclosure around all the electronics… @lrdesigns

can you provide the measurements for this battery pack please?

It’s not mine but @barajabalis pack, so we gotta ask him for help with those dims.

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Hey man I don’t remember I sold it. If you’re looking to buy it, I know @on1y hasn’t used it yet

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