Chiboards Street | Dual sk3 6374 | 12s5p Samsung 30Q Flexible | ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels 75a | diyelectricskateboard mounts

Inspired by @Kaly and his beautiful street carver, I decided to build my own… a bit more extreme though :wink: As usual…

Ill just skip right to the meat!

DUAL 6374 190kv SK3 motors, sensored and extended shafts 12s5p samsung 30Q “flexible” or hinged battery pack. 44.4v 15amp hour Lithium Ion pack built by me of course Trampa street carver Authentic Abec 11 flywheels 97mm 75a New Trampa Battery box, trimmed and notched by me Mounts by Dexter, @torqueboards at Mounts are prototypes and are not yet functional as the fit isnt ideal 20mm belts/aluminum pulleys Mastercho mod gt2b remote Dual VESC-X running in sensored BLDC hybrid mode

Thats pretty much it I think… This has been a work in progress for about 2-3 months as a side board. Now since summer is on its way, i’d like to finish this board within a few weeks i hope.

Yes the board still flexes, just not as much as originally. Which is good for me. Yes it will be water proof, electronics will be enclosed something to seal them

I still need to get my hands on some mounts that will work permanently, right size belts, I need to 3d print some end caps to the battery box, program eveything plus a few small things.

What do you guys think? Does it meet up to the overkill expectations you guys usually demand from me?? lol


Awesome board mate!

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I want one… that battery and enclosure is amazing


Thanks! I’ll have this battery as an option on my website at no extra charge.


which deck thickness did you buy? could you make a flex test video? while I like the consistent material look of board vs enclosure, Im a little afraid it might add too much stiffness. the number of screws seem to hint in the same direction?

did you need all the cuts to allow the enclosure to adapt to the camber shape?

im very keen on the urban carver with the new urethane hub wheels once they are available. thought about segmented enclosure vanguard style to keep the flex. camber board that doenst level out in action gotta be really uncomfortable!

Yes I’ll get around to making a flex video. It drops down maybe an inch or more which is ideal for me as I do not like too much flex. I used the 16 ply deck.

The cuts were to allow the enclosure to adapt to the camber yes. The enclosure other wise has literally zero flex what so ever.

The screws were just to make sure the board was held evenly in place.

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Nice job man ! :grinning:


Looks mean!

What ply battery box and length did you go with? How are you going to seal the ends?

Would it be possible to post pics of the inside of the enclosure with everything laid out?

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It was a 70cm 5ply…? I think. It was the thickest one.

End will be sealed with a 3d printed end cap printed in white abs.

The electronics aren’t set in stone yet but I can totally get a rough picture of it. I will warn you, its tight fight


Any updates?

Not really I’m waiting for the updated version of the mounts from @torqueboards

Other than that I’m pretty much done with the rest of the build. As soon as I get mounts in I’ll finish it up

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How are you guys making these enclosures? Vac/Carbon Fiber? @whitepony @Kaly both used similar enclosures, the biggest difference of course is that yours is not sectioned out.

I love this build @barajabali !!, but would really like to see this flex vid too, and could you also share your weight? Thx! Great project!

Hey @barajabali , what 12s BMS have you used for this battery build?


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I believe he uses SuPower BMSs

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Thanks @anorak234 ! It’s just that as far as I remember SuPower offer 6 different 12s BMSes… So I’d still like @barajabali to have his say on this.

12s 60a supower bms bypassed

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The metallic motors look cool.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@barajabali What switch are you using on this build?