CHICAGO meet up

Okay anyone near or in Chicago let’s schedule a day to meet up and go for a ride on lakeshore! Out run those bikers that take over the path on LSD.

@claudiofiore88 @MasterCho @Chicagojoshua

I don’t know who else I know there’s more of you out there damnit.


I’m down, just need to finish my e-board. Got all the parts, just need to find time to assemble.

I have my main board working fine for the last few months with no problems. I jave my mountain board on the bench as well as my Jacob hub sleeper board.

Did you ever get those r specs in the mail for your emtb?

Nope! How long has it been? A month? Still waiting…

Im down… I have a boostedboard, hope thats ok with those with Enertion boards?

Haha no we don’t have raptors we have custom built but that’s okay if you can keep up

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I’m in Chicago for the fourth of july weekend.

@scisslehannd appears to be from the area as well, although he doesn’t have a board just yet.

Count me in for a group ride, I recently built two boards and live in the Chicago burbs.

Which burbs if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m in Orland park

I live in Geneva and work in Naperville.

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Yeeeeahhhhhhh, glad I joined this forum, thanks for adding me.

I’m a college student studying in Champaign, IL this summer. But I do frequent Chicago as I am from Arlington Heights. Would love to do a group meet-up on LSD. That’d be so sick!

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Cool, so you go to u of i, then? Yeah, you’re quite close to me then if you’re from Arlington heights. I live right by o’hare. I go to the two good wills in a h all the time.

Can you guys meet up on a week day?

It depends if I can get someone to cover my shift or not.

Yo Im in Chicago. In live in buffalo grove. Did this happen yet or are we still planning? Also my friend is getting into electronic skateboards but he doesn’t have a board. Anyone willing to loan him one for this ride. Otherwise I will probably build a second one for him.

I’d be in too.

LSD bike path is a bit of a nightmare on the weekends though unless you’re north of Montrose.

What I’d really like to do is ride very early in the morning around the downtown Loop on a Sunday when it’s completely empty or on a holiday when everyone is out of the city (like Labor Day).

@guyguy @Mikee still never happened were just so busy!

Lets pick a day and get this rolling.

I should be around October 1. If it is still nice we should go then!

I will bring 2 boards and my brother will ride other board.

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