Chip repair or new ESC?

Oh wow it’s been some time… So I’ve finally gotten round to putting my board back together after over 3 years of being out of the game (after a slight mishap with having to get the battery rebuilt)… plugged my VESC in and rip, think I’ve blown the drv8302 chip (managed to make a very noob mistake of putting the polarities the wrong way on a connector)… (yes I hate myself slightly)

I haven’t plugged it into the pc yet as I haven’t had a chance but thought it’s probably worth sticking a post up to see what you smart folk think.

I’m using the Enertion VESC-X so after a quick search came across posts which day that 3 flashes on the fault light generally means I’ve blown the chip. I’ve done all other trouble shooting, changing motor wires around etc.

Is it worth giving it a go to try and replace the chip or shall I just bite the bullet and spend more of my hard earned money on more parts?

Thank you

Doug :slight_smile:

Got to be worth repairing it surely? There’s a few guys in different parts off the world that carry out this service. You may also find there’s more help on another really active forum. forum.

@seaborder May be able to help you

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Post some pictures, Iam quite sure the tvs diode is also broke. Mix polarity is always a big damage but yeah happens :expressionless:

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