Chisel-"ling" your deck possible?

Hey everybody, i am currently on my third build and i came up with a question i can not solve by myself.

the deck is a landyachtz evo with 11 ply maple. i recently bought a enclosure for a concave board and since the evo does not really have a concave i am stuck with concave gap on the up and downside of the enclosure.

so, the deck is very heavy and sturdy and i am asking myself if i could do some chisel work or something with an oscillating saw, to get rid of the gap, get the enclosure away from the ground, and and just let it look more cleaner.

sure, the boards are not meant to get worked on with strip plys from it.

the question is: how much i could take away before suffering from instability? do these boards have something like a safety factor with weight? i do not want to destroy the deck, but it would look much better with it.

If your worried about ground clearnce my landyatch evo enclosure is 2 inches deep so its pretty close(to fit a 12s6p 30q and 4 focbox) . haven’t tried it yet but a buddy of mine had the same set up he never had issues

its not really the ground clearance, its more about the looks and design. the clearance is just a “nice to have”

Pictures. Pictures of it will work and let us see what´s best in your case :slight_smile:

Not that I think it’s an acceptable option for you, (I don’t)… I think your choice of tools is questionable.

If you were to attack it using a sawzall as a power chisel please post video.

Acceptable tools: Razor knife Dremel Belt sander Random orbit sander Sharp chisel Router Chainsaw

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i want to use this

and these are the pictures:

Oops…my reading cohnpehension are was failed.

“Oscillating saw” i.e. Multi tool, Is probably good… I named mine Chewbacca

no problem dude, still i dont know how much i can remove from the wood…

I wouldnt, it would take a lot of removal to make that enclosure fit. Id get a sheet of ABS and cut a piece to fit both ends then epoxy or ABS glue in place.


Could you build up an extra layer of weather stripping to fill the gap?

I’d buy a different enclosure before I’d start cutting away layers of the deck. As @mmaner noted, you’d have to remove a lot of material to get that enclosure to lay flat.


what if i do not take the full material, just there where i need to lower the enclosure?

black taken the most material and white nothing? could this work?

it is difficult to get a fitting enclosure in germany…

I think @longhairedboy is doing a similar thing for carvon :slight_smile: He may be able to give you some insight

Not at all! Don´t remove Material from this deck. Get filling material to fill the gaps or hit up @fottaz @ or @bigben for a nice enclosure :slight_smile:


thank you, i will contact them.

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I’ll just drop this link here casually

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I’ve read this thread, its a good idea, but sadly a liquid cant become concave haha.

my enclosure ist no flat…

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Have the same enclosure from Do what @mmaner said, epoxi some piece of abs os similar plastic to create a tight seal againsr the deck.

You could use the gap to channel the motorwires and then epoxi a piece like on the raptor 2 (easy 3D printed):

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