Choosing 18650 cells

They would work but they still are capable of drawing over 2000 watts if you let them. Be sure you choose a low gear ratio if you want low current draw on that pack.

Not entirely related to choosing 18650 batteries, though somewhat highly imformative relating to Lithium batteries in general!

Next step in the process of increasing energy density is to go with Lithium Metal batteries (so they say)… though they have to overcome the phenomen of why dendrites ‘‘grow’’ inside of cells - thus decreasing their lifespan (and capacity) and also… in extreme cases… causing shorts inside of battery…

Here’s the video btw!

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Is this confirmed or are they just really hard to get? I am just curious as I hear they were never intended to get out on the cell market in a broad sense and were intended only for oem scenarios. I have a line on some VTC5a cells (genuine) but I wonder if this will be the last of the stock?

there you go:

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Oh wow :flushed: that certainly is resolute. Bugger… based on this I probably won’t be picking those up.

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I am building a e-longboard, did a lot of reading past weeks and i have a basic knowledge of electronics. But still i am having some questions. my basic electrical setup/important parts is: 100A on/off switch with key volt and amp meter LCD display 100A DC. turnigy sk3 236Kv (60A max). Hobbywing ESC HV(12S max) 100A + cooling fan Yuneec ego 7S3P battery 18650 pack (with build in standard BMS). 13T small pulley, 35T big pulley, 5m timing belt. GT2E reciever and controller. UBEC xxV->6V 7A (for reciever) on a Loaded Vanguard or Yuneec Downhill Board

Now will this setup work? I calculated max speed, diameter of wheels, pulleys,… and stuff…thats all OK but will it electrically work… wont i burn something up? Did i select the right hardware?

My ESC can handle my Motor current… but can my ego battery 7S3P 18650’s with build in BMS handle that current? (no specs on the standerd BMS used by ego) Can i change the BMS with some diysoldering and keep my 7S3P battery pack, or do i need another battery? What kind of BMS should i use? or just a battery pack without BMS and so without limitations… Lipo istead of Li-ion18650’s? new lipo= Expensive :sweat:

I’ll take pics during the building process, so you all can see the progress and the finished result. Someone can help me? So i dont burn up some parts? All advice welcome. Thanks co-diy’ers

That’s more of a post for a new topic. Created one for you so this one doesn’t get off track.

Has anyone considered using Samsung INR18650-15L cells? I realize the capacity stinks, however they’re extremely inexpensive if you’re willing to tear them out of brand new tool packs.

If my math is correct (1500mAh @ nominal 3.6V), a 10S4P would end up being 216Wh, and a 10S5P would be 270Wh.

My minimum target range is 22km (flat). Not quite sure the 10S4P could accomplish this.

Just get 30Q cells - price is not too bad and performance is stellar

I am thinking of making a 7s6p pack for my first build and was thinking of getting 25Rs (with nickel soldering strips) from Nkon but on looking through other cells have found larger capacity cells for cheaper! I will put the cell links at the bottom and would like feedback on whether I should just stick to the 25Rs, bearing in mind that I was going to limit the max current to 45A anyway so the extra current of the 25Rs will be uselss. That being said, I know from experience with Lipos that you should never run a battery at the limits of its specification unless you don’t mind changing your whole battery pack every day!

The two batteries ( and (

Both of those cells have quite low discharge currents, even for a 6p setup. I personally recommend aiming to only use about 1/2 the max current of a given cell’s “output rating” (definitely true for the 25R’s, possibly less true for some other cells). So I’d recommend only using 10A from a single 25R (so 4 in parallel would give you 40A).

Many thanks, will stick to 6p (using the 25Rs) because then I can get a cheaper deal on batteries :slight_smile: ). It also means I will discharge the board less with each ride - the cells will last longer.

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You can help me. This is my configuration: Two ESC - Turnigy 160A 1: 8 Sensorless ESC scale w / Fan. Two engines - Turnigy L5055A-400 Brushless Outrunner 400kV. One battery - ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C. I want to build battery Li-Ion 4s-3p. Which batteries can I use?

Are you building esk8? The torque with that configuration will struggle to pull you…

I built many

Nice video, strange to see 400kv motor doing soo good. Samsung 30Q cells are pretty good.

You can go for samsung 30Q Samsung 25r and lg hg2

now I built with two engines, it’s fantastic. this configuration is perfect. I just want to change the type of batteries.

Hi, i want to build two 4s 9amp batteries with LG HG2 3000mAh cells. I will use those packs in series on my ebike ( still building it). My esc is a dlux 60A and 70A burst current ( for now). Will those packs be suitable Amperwise?