Choosing a Motor for a TEG Car

Hi guys,

My name’s Aaron, and I’m currently working on a project called Chem-E-Car, where skateboard-sized cars need to run off chemical reactions to move specific distances. My team wants to build two cars, one with hydrogen fuel cells and one with Thermo-Electric Generators (TEGs), they each have a limit of about 5 Volts and 300 mA.

What kind of motor would you guys recommend in this case? It doesn’t need to move a human, just its power source and a bottle of water.

Is 5V and 300mA the limit on your powering a hydrogen generator? OR is that the desired output from your generator to power your motor?

The hydrogen generator powers itself and the amps and volts are what we seem to be getting out of it. We can change the output for the TEGs slightly by changing how many are in series or parallel (still trying to figure that part out).

How fast would you want to go?

The ideal would be something like a quarter meter per second, since we may need to cover 30 m in 2 min. The reason we want a slower speed is because we have to stop right on top of the finishing line to win.

You need to post some power supply output results so they can be reverse engineered. Gearing through drivetrain and wheels can be varied pretty great.