Choosing between 2 VESCS

Hi! I have been analyzing these 2 VESCS for a while now, but I can’t find any difference, expect from the hardware version (v4.10 vs UNKNOWN). What does differ between VESC versions?

Have you got any idea on why one is 25$ more than the other? Have you had any bad experience with any of them?


Maytech vescs generally are missing some components, which reduces their reliability (and cost) when using them with higher voltages and FOC.

I havent heard about anyone, who would have blown HK VESC, but its based on older hardware than the MayTech…However that doesnt mean MayTech is good…both of them have poor quality…I higly recommend you to invest more money in the VESC, buy FOCBOX or differnet VESC…goaxle VESC and TB Vescs are both quite cheap and reliable…

Tons of posts that can answer this

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do not buy meytech vesc at all cost. if it breaks they will blame you no matter what. mine broke and they said “dirt on capacity(big 3) can affect value” therefore my fault. Such BS.

I mean they literally have missing parts, and knock off DRV Chip, so even tho 4.12 it will break moment u try more than 60amp or foc and cost same as TB

HK is 4.10 but it’s minor changes. 4.12 has extra capacitor on board for foc function.

if u live in us or buying more than vesc go for TB.

If not I recomend Focbox. this thing doesnt break.

There is reasons this forum ban meytech for life

The torqueboards/diyelectricskateboard Vesc is only $20 more than the turnigy. Might as well spend the extra money to get a good Vesc

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i have two maytech 4.12 running bldc for more than a year and more than 1000km without any problem, i’m not alone, just not in foc.

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Can’t stress enough the importance of a quality ESC. Is your life worth $50? If not, but a better VESC…

These aren’t drones, these aren’t rc cars, we’re moving a life with them. When they are drastically less than the compition, what makes you think they can do this and still make a profit?

Maytech, btw as we found out recently, doesn’t actually make them, theres another manufacturer that makes them for Maytech. Maytech is just a wholesale reseller. So the manufacturer makes their markup, then maytech makes their markup, just like enertion, TB, or any other VESC seller. So why so much cheaper? Cause they use fake components and leave off parts, while doing a half ass assembly. Save your self, time, money, and you life by buying something decent, like a focbox, axle vesc, chaka vesc, or vesc 6.


Ive put a few hundred miles on two hobbyking vescs at 12s with two 192kv sk3s. No problems for me. I have extra caps though, and ive only used bldc mode. They are also secured firmly in enclosures with active cooling. Ive never reached 55c.

@danielz How many amps do you pull through each one? @Surfer What voltage and how many of amps each?

And not settings, real world, continuous numbers. You shoudn’t be able to do nearly as much as an upgrade axle or chaka vesc can do. If your numbers are lower, then that might partially explain it.

Also, it’s hit or miss with assembly quality. They are defiantly not consistent. And only way to know is to spin the barrel and pull the trigger… Russian roulette style…

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Max i see on a typical normal ride is 60a total across the two. I chose 12s to keep the current down. My caps are rated for 100v too. 200mm pneumatics 5:1

However on my latest ride ive been confident enough to full throttle it from a stand still, which is lots of fun, but i dont have that data yet as i forgot to open the app, and now im snowed in, so no more rides for me for a few days :frowning:

Oh and for the first 100 miles, i was just using one hobbyking vesc! so i loaded it up pretty good. Im just one case though, and i did modify mine before even switching them on.

Don’t remember for sure, but around 70~80 amps peak, loving smash the trigger riding mostly flat, 2x6355, 16t-36t,83mm,10s30q, 120kilo. Aside note I see with the raptor 2 peaks of 120 amps!!