Choosing Hub Motor and ESC

Hi guys! So I am going to build my e-board. I ordered 30 Samsung 30Q plus 60A BMS for my battery pack. Then all the rest would be probably based on the DIYeboard 90mm hub motor kit . Anyhow I am still searching for different ESC and hub motors, just in case something interesting comes out. About that I have seen that wowgo and ownboard is using different ESC, compare to Meepo (DIYeboard ESC), paired with a nicer remote. By the reviews it seems to have smoother acceleration and breaking compare the other ESC/remote combination

Concerning the motors I like the fact that the DIYeboard are related for 500w hub motor compare to 250w of the others but I have just seen this hub motors (similar to the koowheel one) with replaceable PU and magnetic case ( There aren’t a lot of reviews out there yet but they seem in line with the others plus the swappable feature. Do you have any advices? I will keep this post update on my build. It won’t be the most fancy one but I hope you will like it. Thank you a lot! Ciao ciao

The best is a vesc as it is specifically made for electric skateboarding. It has many features you can customize to make for a better ride. An esc is meant for rc cars and boats and stuff like that. It’s not really meant for a skateboard with 130 lbs on it.

Yes I know, in also plan to move to VESC but for the moment I want to keep the price low. BTW they just arrived! Let’s start.


Imo VESCs are great, no doubt about that, but the plug and play capability of these type of ESC offers a convenient and cheap alternative to people who are just starting out, especially if we are going dual hubs which would require dual VESCs and the costs would easily exceed $200, compared to the ESCs offered by diyeboard, wowgo etc. Also, these ESCs aren’t those used in boats and cars if I’m not wrong. They definitely don’t offer the customizabilty of the VESC but should be a tier higher than regular boat/rc escs. Just my 2 cents.

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Moreover I do not understand why they not provide open source ESC. Even if the customization would be limited compare to VESC but still worth it to me.

these china ESC makers don’t really care too much about customization, at least yet I suspect the next gen will do it, I know planning on selling VESC with customization april i think

Yes, I read about it. It will be really cool and he said the price should be around 120$ which is amazing if it does the job. At least for a budget VESC alternative.

Don’t get me wrong, people have used regular esc without a problem, but vesc is definitely more reliable and has a lot of nice features to it. If your on a budget though then go for it.

For sure I will keep eyes open for maybe second hands VESC. If the price is good I will go for it. Otherwise first ESC and then will see.

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for a little more cost than 1 VESC you could get 2 China ESCs setup in 4WD mode

this is at the top of my todo list :slight_smile:

That’s cool. Anyhow I think the dual set up is enough for me since there are not that much hills where I live. Of course I would like to try the torque of a 4WD

Maybe these are cool, but I don’t really have a clue. Anyone on here tried these APS Hubs?

I have never seen it before. Would be nice of someone already tested and would like share his/her thoughts.