Choosing the right BMS for a battery pack

I’m currently building a 10S4P pack with Samsung 25R cells, the max continuous amps for this battery should be 80A (20A at 4P)

The correct BMS I should have chosen is 36V 10S 80A:

But I chose 36V 10S 60S:

According to @longhairedboy it should be ok, but what are the possible problems I could experiment by going with a lower capacitity BMS?

I’ll buy it off of you but in answer to ur question you would have to worry about hitting 60a on ur board and the soft back off, maybe potentially cutting off ur board in motion, mostly a mountain board issue tho I believe street boards usually draw 5-10a cont

You won’t be pulling 60 amps continuously. For sure, but I would keep it at 60 amps. Kind of a nice headroom.

Thats huge. that would be what 50 cells? What charger are you thinking of using?

I want to do 30 cells, 3 seperate batteries. 3 different chargers. Charge time should be less than 2 hours.

10s4p = 40 cells

his pack it what some of us would consider average or “meh”

take a look at @barajabali’s 12s19p (I think) battery if you want huge :wink:

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also why three different packs/chargers? that won’t reduce charge time…

only thing that will do is increase hassle :wink:

why dont you think that will reduce charge time? you think 1 big battery with 40 cells, will charge in the same amount of timevas 4 diff batteries than paralleled together?

would you post a link of the charger