Choosing The Right Parts For A Big Person

So I am interested in building an electric skateboard for getting around my town and going for some joy rides through a marina. Im a bigger fella (6’1", 230ish) so Im having a harder time picking out parts. Id like to go around 17+ mph with a range of 8+ miles. Luckily I have access to a 3d printer so I printed the pulley and gear that goes on the wheel. I also plan on printing the motor mount.

Ive been doing a ton of research and think that the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-168kv motor is the best suited for me although it looks like it might not be sold in the US so the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv might be better.

Im also a little lost on what esc to choose. The VESC definitely seems like the best option but its rather expensive so if there is another choice that is significantly cheaper and wont break on the second ride, Id go for that.

I planned on getting the ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 6S 25C LiPo but if anyone has better suggestions, Id love to hear them.

Im trying to keep this build as cheap as possible since school is expensive

You can 3d print the motor mount. I did it for a few weeks and it was “okay.” But man is it scary to have all that torque on plastic that has a pretty low shear strength, especially since people appear to break even metal mounts. Do you have access to any kind of milling machine at school? Mounts aren’t that hard to fabricate and the scrap metal would likely be free to <10$.

Stay safe man.

I know the school has a laser cutter but I doubt it can cut through metal thats actually stronger than plastic. Maybe Ill see if a friend can machine it during a break at work.

Do you have any suggestions for the rest of the build? I was also thinking about the FVT 120A ESC but Im not sure what programming thing I need to get for it

speed and range are not very high so it should be easy. but a 3d printed motor mount, no way.

my standard recommendation. vesc 10/12s lipo at least 4ah with High C, or 5ah+ with low C. 90/97mm wheels 14/36 ratio mini rc remote

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