Christmas Flytrap Falcons for Wounded Warrior Project, Children's Burn Foundation (eBay for Charity)

We will build two reproductions of the iconic Landyachtz Evo 41 Flytrap using the new Evo Falcon.




All proceeds will be donated to WWP: and Children’s Burn Foundation at, directly from

Let’s do some good.


How to donate through eBay?

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I want to thank the women and men of this forum, particularly those who posted the idea to preserve the graphics of early Evos for the greater good - you guys know who you are, and without you, I wouldn’t have had the idea to try to pull this together before Christmas for these charities that support children and adults alike who carry disfigurement and/or trauma in their daily lives.

@treenutter recently up-armored his logo using a site called Fiverr.

So, I went to Fiverr and opened an account to hire a graphic artist to help:

We have two serious contenders (both in excess of budget) but we will not take any shortcuts.

no donations needed my friend, these will be just an auction on eBay, like any other. I hope we can have them listed the first week of December.

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Have you tried posting on other freelance websites too?

I guess they are all similar but I regarded fiverr as a joke website - maybe thats wrong or maybe somethings have changed

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I’m not even sure Fiverr is the one Jamie used! It sounded right tho.

Gold shirt here… I don’t really know how to actually do anything. :wink:


First, we need a new Falcon.


fullsizeoutput_201d fullsizeoutput_201c

@treenutter’s Red Ember Boards needs no introduction - Jamie makes some of the best purpose-built ESK8 platforms ever made - yet it was this picture some time ago that started the wheel turning on green:

To get the finish perfect, we need more than just a picture on the Internet.

We need a real Flytrap:


@mmaner inspired us to look far and wide for this one. I called retailers in Oz and EMEA who had these listed on their sites only to find out they’re long gone.

I’ve never seen a Flytrap for sale here. I will say that this is also, far and away, my favorite cut of the Evo platform; even more than the 42 next to it.

Red Ember Boards has a deck refinishing option for just $99.

I asked if the Evo can be done and the answer was to scratch it so we can see if it’s dyed-through.

Next step, scratch my wife’s Falcon where she’ll never see it :joy: under the enclosure (thx again @Eboosted and @boardman).

If it’s wood, I’ll pack and ship both the Falcon and the original Flytrap to Red Ember Boards across the USA, to Massachusetts.


:facepunch:t3: thank you @mmaner for contributing graphics that we may be able to leverage, get ahead on schedule.

we might actually pull this off.

should we do an esk8?

screen the flytrap art on a perfectly smooth enclosure, as someone suggested earlier?


That’s what I was thinking. That would be awesome. If your using an Evo deck, I have some Psychotiller Altar Wedges coming, I could send one to Jamie.

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I don’t really know. I would probably just do a deck, or maybe a complete with esk8 compatible trucks.

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Ohhhh lord… Surfordz tkp with purple and green colour combos

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Artist hired and paid for; he’s slightly ahead of schedule thanks to @mmaner

Everything is being done by hand. Promising.


Nice :grinning:  



You have quite an eye for color. :dark_sunglasses:



fully re-drawn in a vector image with silkscreen-friendly shading,

I think we’re going to make it.


that is the BOMB!!!

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I can’t figure out how to post the .ai file here but the good news is, it’s done :slight_smile: and free if anyone would like it.

The silkscreening company said they can match the original physical deck perfectly by adjusting the colors in the .AI file upon viewing the original (why we sought out the OG Flytrap).

thinking green bp / purple mid / red hanger SR RKPs and red 100mm Boas for the electric (I can’t remember the duro)

raw / red Ronin precisions with Mini Monster Hawgs Longboard Wheels, Clear Red, 70mm-82a on the true DH board


Man that is so freaking awesome. You probably cannot post the AI here but you can post it to DropBox or Google Drive and share a link. If you wanna email it to me Ill post it for you, I have paid accounts for both.


I feel at one point in my life I could have done that. But it would have taken me days. I dont know how he has done it so quickly.

I would like the file too, might do something interesting with it


The following artwork is an independent artist’s original, hand-drawn and hand-colored interpretation of decorative artwork found on a vintage, out-of-production Landyachtz longboard.

This original art is public domain for non-commercial use, specifically, to apply as “fan art” to a commercially-available Landyachtz longboard.

Please, don’t steal from Landyachtz.

LongBoard Graphic.pdf


very, very seriously considering printing one for my office door :slight_smile: LY!!!