Cindrich Race Board ~ 190kv 6753 ~ 30Q 12s4p

So this board has been in my life for a number of years. I recently discovered the community here and instantly wanted to carve up some canyon roads here in the great state of South Dakota. @thervn hooked me up with some stellar parts. I’ll tell you what I’m in love.


The famous Cindrich Billet Aluminum Longboard. My favorite was always the Silverfish. But David Cindrich is not always available. Too busy to produce boards in a daily basis, just a few now and then. For a time I was considering buying one of his decks but seen that he wasn’t producing anything lately, decided to go elsewhere to get my deck. Plus he decided long ago not to produce the Silverfish anymore. So I wasn’t interested in the other models neither.

I got very lucky with grabbing it. It’s a blemish board I really loved his baseplate design. I talked to him recently and he said that he would produce a them if I wanted to get some.

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This is amazing. Always wanted to have a Cindrich board but wasn’t sure about the weight and how stiff it will be.Also like the Thorlabs casing :slight_smile:

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Stiff. Like your feet hurt if you use it to cruise for awhile until you get used to it. Downhill I wouldn’t choose any other board, because its so freakin stable at speed.

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Open the image in paint and save it again. Worked for me. :wink:

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Do you rotate it?

I rotate it if it needs to be. :no_mouth:

Photos are dumb with my phone.

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I had great “flywheel like” reviews on the 90mm’s so I can’t wait to hear from you guys what the additional 7mm does :blush:

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Probably just gonna take the plunge with the next paycheck or the next one lol.

Wait…so you’re saying your clones are better than others on say ebay or Amazon?

Yes 100% and I have the customer reviews to back it up. They are the best “clones” you can get that are not genuine ABEC’s


Would you by any chance be able to do a durometer test on them? I don’t trust China urethane durometer ratings

I’m not so sure they use a durometer

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So here’s the update. I decided to go with dual diagonal. Because why not I had enough wire and I couldn’t get both motors on the rear. I don’t know why but eh This thing is a bullet. Holy praise skatan. Need longer belts though I noticed that on very steep inlines that my pull makes contact with my wheel so that needs to be fixed immediately. Now I’ll make an enclosure and some wire extensions for one of the vescs.


Also really considering a different board for this whole ordeal for ease of buying a pre-made enclosure. @psychotiller any thoughts for a stiff drop. I thought about one of @Hummie boards. Or a moonlight, there’s also the old Evo for length. What I’m really wanting is a Gravity Hypercarve just for a nice surfy experience

I have to say I’m liking the hummie deck and how the enclosure fits…Red Ember can make some pretty nice stiff drops too!


After riding the Cindrich over 20 for a few miles I realized that it is just not a thing that needs power. It’s also a heavy bastard. If I can get one of hummies decks I’ll be coming to you for a beautiful black thing. I really do like the Caldera that @treenutter makes. Its a thing of beauty, I believe that your enclosure for that is the most elegant setup. Until i come up with enough dough to hand you two my money I think I’ll do the really really janky thing with the zip ties.

I’m just shuddering with the thought of one of those breaking.

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Cindrich too heavy for Esk8 in your opinion? How much the deck weights alone?