Circling back to the deck from my first build, have an idea, will this work?

On my very first build I used a Zenit Choka (non-carbon version) to make a short kicktail esk8. The short wheelbase and the reality of kicktail didn’t really work out for me and I moved to longer decks.

I saw this old deck tossed in a corner and realized I have enough spare parts to make something with it, it’s 33x10":

image image

Both ends of the deck are angled,the idea is: What if I mount trucks on the angled ends? This would increase the wheelbase and lower the deck closer to the ground.


Is this a bad idea? I don’t know how that would affect the board. I have some Caliber II 50s laying around.

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I think the angles might be a bit odd but you might be able correct it with some angled risers

You could use channel trucks on those spots or your caliber with Custom angle riser, like Unik

I mean you could just use regular tip trucks but just know that whatever angle their baseplate it the final angle (which affects stability and carveability) will go up by the angle of the deck tips

So if I don’t put any angle riser then the angle on the Caliber IIs would go from 50 degrees to something like 75 degrees. Would that make it hard to carve and unstable?

image image image image

I guess I could 3d print some custom angle risers for this.


Check out this thread. It will help you alot with finding a stable setup.


Maybe a slight wedge and some 35° Randal baseplates would work

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Or you could buy some axle extenders, not sure who sells them though

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You could just build a wedge out of some wood?

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Thanks! This thread was just what I needed.

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glad i could help

Good to see another Zenit deck being used for esk8.