Circuit/charging advice required

Planning my build and require a bit of technical advice.

I’m new to lipo and non standard charging circuits (security engineer by trade). So I’m looking to find out if my B6 charger will correctly charge this circuit and if this circuit would work for the build? (I’m pretty sure the circuit is fine, it’s the charging where I’m unsure.)

The left hand side XT90-s will be for a link to run power and also for charging. Not sure what switch I will use on the right positive feed to the VESC yet but I plan to only switch that for charging and let the XT90-s link do all the work for turning on and off. Any recommendation welcome. Thanks in advance.

I’d like to help you but the image of your circuit seems to have not posted correctly so I can’t see it. Although I am on mobile so maybe it is only on mobile that it can’t be seen. But perhaps try reposting it?

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No, I can’t see it either. :roll_eyes:

I used the upload button on the bottom right and it looked fine in the preview. Doing the same here but let’s give it a go anyway.

Anybody able to see a problem with this circuit or the way I plan to charge it?