Classic Kicker | 36" Kebbek Top Mount | eCaliber II | 2x Maytech 6355 170kv | Boardnamics + | 12s3p 21700 40t | Unity?

This build is my first and has been a great little project thus far…

Goal: General road ready daily commuter with enough torque for the hills around Auckland, NZ.

Additional goals of reapplying my electronics engineering skills from my apprenticeship in the 90s, using CAD for mechanical design, and 3D printing.

I’m in no rush to complete but I hope to be finished by December, just in time for Summer!

3dsmax_2019-07-13_19-12-26 IMG_20190714_093720

Drive: 2x Sealed Maytech 6355 170 kv on 15mm Belts with 40t /18t gearing. Wheels (ABEC11) are coupled via DIY 3D printed part with attached Aluminium 40t pulley from Aliexpress.

IMG_20190714_094024 IMG_20190714_094039

Acquired Items:

  • DieBieMS for balance charging and battery management

To Be Acquired:

  • 36 x Samsung 40t 21700 batteries
  • Battery building parts, bus strips, cabling and everything else
  • Spot Welder (TBD… either a kWeld or Arduino)
  • ESC - Current choice is Unity… but might change if it’s not available
  • Metr Pro
  • Undetermined Controller for piloting the thing…

Ongoing Investigations:

  • Currently researching Nickel plated copper strips for bus connections for the battery build… each 40t battery is capable of 30 amps continous which in 3P is some serious amperage (90 amps) so I’m doing some serious research into this
  • Innovative battery mounting system that allows for indiviual cells to be swapped out and mechanically secures the battery independant of the spot welded contacts
  • Alternatives to the Focbox Unity? what’s with the enertion team?
  • Hand controller… no idea on this… happy to see what the community comes out with over the next few months
  • Integrated Head and tail light system and high amperage 50/12v DC-DC convertor
  • Harder truck bushings or a stiffer setup that give reasonable control for my weight (100kg fully loaded)

There’s loads of other details not listed above… like how to mount the screen that comes with the DieBieMS and what exactly I have planned for the integrated battery mount system and enclosure, but I’ll update here as I go forward.

Here’s some of the prior work in getting the board digitised via photogrammetry… I’ll probably redo this step to get a more accurate representation of the board in the near furture…

Meshroom_2019-05-04_20-57-12 Instant%20Meshes_2019-05-05_12-28-52

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I really like that deck! Build is looking great!

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Intrigued by the photogrametry (spelling!).

(go NZ)

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out with the old and in with the new… I’ve moved forums and so should you


So, is this is the current build thread then?


Yeah I’ll maintain that one there

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