Clean & Powerful Foosted Copy | Vanguard | 10S2P & LiPo | Caguama | Dual 6355 | FSESC 4.12

Hey guys,

I’m Marcel from Berlin and I’d like to share my build. It is quite similar to the Skatemetric Foosted Build but actually I ordered some parts already before the video was published. First of all a picture of the finished build:


Here are the parts I used:

  • Loaded Vanguard Flex 3
  • Landyachtz Hammer Griptape
  • Caliber II 50 Trucks
  • Orangatang Caguama 85mm 80A
  • 2x Flipsky 6355 190kV
  • 2x Custom printed Pulleys (PLA+) 32T
  • 2x 15T Motor Pulley from Aliexpress
  • 2x 255 HTD5M belt
  • 2x Caliber Mount from @e.board_solutions
  • 2x Flipsky FSECS 4.12
  • Flipsky Anti Spark Switch
  • bluetooth module
  • Cheap 2.4 Ghz remote Winning W2
  • ESC and battery enclosure from Wowgo
  • Custom 10S2P battery with Liitokala 21700 cells (8Ah | 288Wh) with cheap 10S BMS
  • 2x Turnigy 5S 5Ah with cheap 10S BMS (185Wh)
  • Custom printed riser pad for cable management
  • Custom printed belt guards

All of this gives me a topspeed of around 45km/h and a range of 15km (LiPo) and 25km (Liitokala).

I decided to go for two smaller packs rather than a bigger one. I used wood inserts in the deck so I can change the battery with just an allen key in around 2-3 mins.


The LiPo pack gives me a lot of power as the discharge rate is theoretically 100A. I use this pack when I want to race. I wired it up with a cheap 10S BMS only for charging.


The second pack is made from Liitokala 21700 cells. These are cheaper than Sanyo 20700B and almost have the same specs. I spotwelded them to a 10S2P pack. I’m a bit disappointed of the discharge rate which is around 30A but drops to 24A already at 50% charge. Because of the big voltage sag (and the vescs limit current then already, thankfully) the topspeed is not that high. So this pack is perfect for crusing. Then the range is quite nice. It is the same cheap BMS for charging only like in the other pack.

When I change the pack I normally change the current settings using the app.

This works perfectly as the vescs are connected via canbus.


Because I bought the deck used and all the grip was gone I used the hammer griptape from Landyachtz. This has a layer of foam under it which may give me a little more comfy ride.


For the wiring I designed a riser pad which is a tailguard for the Vanguard as well. The result came out pretty nice as I think.

It took me quite long to make this build 100% because I waited very long for some parts. But now its finished. I’m quite happy with the result but I’m working already on a more powerful version with 12S Lipos, custom printed battery enclosure, focbox unity and custom esc enclosure.

Last but not least I like to share some more pictures of the build. Its been my forth build already. Let me know what you think about it!








Cheers! :sunglasses:


Nice belt guards :wink:

Yeah, I guess the ones you sent me fit best for larger wheels, to I decided to make my own ones :wink:


Great build

Nice build!

Cool to see someone using the Liitokala cells.