Cleaning and Sanding

How do you get your boards sqeaky-clean after a ride especially on muddy roads after a rain?

And, is it possible to remove the graphics on your deck and sand it (eu natural look) by hand with just sandpaper? Or is a sander a must?

If it´s waterproof, just clean it with water and a brush. (Water, mud and stuff is never really good for bearings and other components - i would avoid it, if not on a mountainboard.) Otherwise let it dry and brush it afterwards - you can clean the whole downside with a damp cloth, and use a brush for the griptape. There are also rubber blocks for cleaning griptape you can buy on the interwebs.

With enough patience you can sand everything by hand :wink:

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Keep it dirty!

I just use a slightly moist paper towel… Usually if I am servicing my board I’ll wipe it down, otherwise I just leave it dirty. :sunglasses:

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What grit of sandpaper is usually used for these sanding jobs?

Actually I’d rather leave it dirty if it’s just a little bit of dust or wet dirt on the board. I had a ride once after a big rain and was still drizzling during the ride. The board was wet but not much mud so I said, nah it’s fine and brought it inside the house. My partner saw it, and for the first time in our relationship, I saw murder in her eyes.

I want to live another day to skate so I’ll keep it a habit now to make sure the board is clean before I bring it back inside the house after a ride.


If its really bad i take the entire board apart and do a deep clean if its just mildly dirty a cloth windex and some grip tape cleaning stuff will do the job just fine.

Nothing some water or a wetwipe can’t solve


Grip Gum FTW.

Black Diamond BD-GRIP-CLEANER Skateboard Griptape Cleaner - Diamond Dirt Remover Gummy Cube - Erase Grip Gunk


Get some p80 and an angle grinder or the one thats driven by a compressor if you have it which is better and sand away your ghraphics :smiley: Maybe then you can make it smoother with something like p120 but imo not nessecary and then just put some wood finish

Once you clean the deck, spray a couple coats of clear coat like this.

Then you can clean dirt, mud, and grim off easily with something like this.*_adtypepla_merchantdid10018412_c265387685029_k_m*_adposition*1o1&mr:referralID=5b58e703-7fbc-11e8-a25e-005056946dac&gclid=CjwKCAjw4PHZBRA-EiwAAas4ZrikIBvCBqz0iGE30YZandZRbyc2_K_GniWAQ_B3rwaQe6gcjIGvJBoCJu4QAvD_BwE

Make a the grip section removable. For other places, a soft brush and toothbrush work well after the mud has dried. Brush + compressed air combo is best

image image

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