Cleaning my garage.. sale! (eu)

hello, i bought an electric skateboard, it was broken. i fixed i by buying the new dual 10s belt motor esc from diyeboard… one motor makes an ratel noice… something is maybe stuck in it… i want to throw it away but i think i am selling it… maybe in parts???


maybe selling the trucks, wheels , new esc, battery sepparate?? bring me suggestions…

also, selling enertion vesc 4.12! almost new.dont know what this vesc is worth now?? so offer me 20180913_103844

i also got in sale the enertion big boy motor ! 6374 190kv motor! also dont know what this part is worth because it is discontinued 20180913_103847

ht5m 15mm wide motor pulley 15 teeth. 10eu 20180913_103838

and i got multiple wheel pulleys diyeboard-electricboardsolution-enertion-slickrevolution 5eu-10eu-12eu-12eu (price is each maybe we can make good price with shipping) 20180913_103721

gr sam

interested in the diyeboard + slickrevolution pulleys - how many teeth does the SR ones have?

40 theeth gr sam

cool, I’ll take diyeboard + electricboardsolution + slickrevolution pm me you paypal

You got more specs on the board?

40 km per hour on the 4th power mode 8.8 ah 36v battery.

Which specific motor makes the rattle noise?

Sorry 19 days have been passed. The board is sold.


Do you want that motor?

The enertion big boy motor is stil available

Hey, was wondering what you would want for that motor?

Would like dual.

But still thanks for the Link!

Dual 6374?

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I thought you bought calibers?

Yeah, I don’t mind one motor inward one outward.

Or one motor inward from the back and the other inward from the front truck.

I think the motor mounts you bought from me you have no choice but to do it like an ollin board


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